Falls of the Ohio State Park

Located on the banks of the Ohio River in Clarksville, Indiana is the Falls of the Ohio State Park. The 390-million-year-old fossil beds are among the largest, naturally exposed, Devonian fossil beds in the world. The park’s newly renovated Interpretive Center overlooks the fossil beds and contains a hands-on, interactive exhibit gallery. 
Fossil Hikes** 
Hikes are dependent on river conditions. Please call the state park office (812-280-9970) the day before the hike to verify it will take place. If a gate on the nearby dam is open, crossing will not be possible. On weekdays, ask any of the park’s roving volunteers available during normal operational hours to help you identify fossils and give you insight into what life was like when the area was covered by the sea. 
Canoe to Outer Fossil Beds
Paddle the falls to view seldom-seen fossils and wildlife along the Ohio River. Naturalist Jeremy Beavin will lead you on a water tour of the Falls of the Ohio. Bring your own canoe or rent one.


For more information, please visit the Falls of the Ohio State Park website. You can also download a free “Discovering Fossils” brochure here.

**Note: When fossil hiking and hunting, you will walk on uneven terrain, and you may cross through water. Good walking shoes with closed toes (no sandals, please) are recommended. A walking stick is helpful. Also, the temperature is higher along the river banks than away from them. Dress comfortably and bring plenty of drinking water. 

 Devonian sea and whale 1

The Falls of the Ohio is located at: 201 W. Riverside Dr., Clarksville, IN 47129
Want to know more about the Interpretive Center’s exhibits? Click HERE