Huber Winery

Hubers StarlightWhite bottle

Enjoy dozens of locally made wines, the tasting loft and daily wine tours at Huber Winery.

Huber’s vision for wine production in 1978 started simple. Farming first and quality wine products will follow. Just 33 years later, Huber’s has now grown to over 65 acres of vineyards and producing award winning wines is a “way of life”. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Seyval Blanc, and many more varieties line the drive as you pull into the magnificent grounds of one of Indiana’s largest agritourism destinations.

The winery has won numerous state, national and international awards for its wines, and is a founding member of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail.


19816 Huber Rd., Borden, IN